After several months of going into research and development, 2 months or prototyping, endless weeks designing and re-designing, hi-fu-mi is ready to launch it’s first-ever smart watch design. It took this long for the team to come up with the first-ever physical product from wire-framing, sketches, 3d modelling, prototyping and finally manufacturing the actual product.

The hi-fu-mi team is proud to present Smart-Me, the first smartwatch to feature all the latest state-of-the-art modern technology any young millenial would want to wear everyday. Smart-Me is a swiss-knife type of device-it’s got everything you need to keep you organized in school, at work, at home, at the gym. It’s your newest constant companion, the one gadget you can’t live without.

The Smart-Me is a cellular phone, comes with a SIM card slot to allow you to make calls to mobile phones and smart watches, too. It could also function as a hand-held computer, and it’s super fast with it’s eight-core processor built-in. It can be voice-activated, has full calendar functions, so you won’t forget appointments, dates or whatever. It can also be used as a GPS device, which could help locate anyone wearing it, no matter where they may be. The screen can also be used as a torch, which has a very strong illumination power setting.

This first attempt by hi-fu-mi at wearables is really proving to be an excellent opportunity for the team to crank up their creative abilities. There are other functionalities still under consideration for future models. People should look out for the next models coming out soon, which promises to have even more bells and whistles to showcase.

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