In keeping with the latest trend in technology today, hi-fu-mi had recently invested in and directed its full attention to the development of wearable technology. This is confirmed today by no less than hi-fu-mi CEO Frank Vetter. In an interview with CNN Tech correspondent Timothy Yeoh, Vetter made the announcement during the press conference called for to make the announcement.

“We are proud to announce that we have started prototyping and developing models for our own line of wearable technology gadgets and devices. In recent years, we noticed that the trend was going towards creating wearable devices and so it makes perfect sense for us to do the same,” Vetter relates. “Technology is a very dynamic field of science. New discoveries and inventions are being made every day. In order for us to keep abreast with the times, we also need to develop our own products in line with these developments.”

According to Vetter, their development team is working on a late-stage prototype of a smart watch, which is all the trend nowadays. Companies like Google and Apple have the headstart in this department, which should come as no surprise as these companies are aggressively seeking to push the envelope when it comes to things like these.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to compete in such an open global market,” Vetter continues. “The open markets paved the way for small players like us to have some sort of “even playing field” although that’s not entirely possible. But it has given small companies like ours equal opportunities to reach our target market.”

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