hi-fu-mi is a company involved in the manufacture and production of latest technology gadgets and devices. In keeping with the trends of today’s technology-centric market, hi-fu-mi takes out the guesswork in choosing which devices and gadgets could work for you. We provide you with custom-tailored device setup which will provide all you need to run your small office.

Our company actually started as a school project for CEO Frank Vetter, who was asked by one of his teachers to come up with a study on how to use technology to make the office more efficient. He took the challenge to heart, and conducted researches and case studies and everything in between just to come up with a feasible solution. The result of all that hard work can be distilled into logical bits and spread all throughout this website.

Todate, we hire 7 full-time product researchers, 2 developers, 2 testers and a handful of volunteers also help us out from time to time. This project which started out small is slowly gaining momentum and will soon be a full-blown enterprise.